The girl by the same name, is the one that inspired me to reach new fitness goals

When I first met Claire again after twenty years apart, she looked as amazing as she had done in her late teens! I on the other hand, had two years earlier buried my mother after she lost her battle against cancer. This was a significant life event for me in many ways, but I was still recovering from it two years on and you could see that.

I needed to change and I needed the right support to do it.

Claire was that person, she was leading a healthy lifestyle, whilst continuing to train towards being a better qualified coach and becoming a cross fit junkie.

I signed up for personal training sessions with Claire, once a week to start off and I would o to the gym on my own at least once more in the same week.

This was just the start

How friends can become mentors

I never would have thought two years ago, that I would have found an old friend and now she would become my mentor for my biggest challenge yet!