Get the latest fashion trends, the best in travel and my life.


Get the latest fashion trends, the best in travel and my life.

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I am Claire

This is me, a 43year old female trying to navigate what is traditionally known as “middle age” although at times I still feel like a beginner here! Also, I now must contend with the beginnings of menopause, so peri menopause and all the joys that brings.

I have never been married, don’t have any children and nor did I ever have a great desire to replicate myself! I do however have 5 fur babies and love the bones of every single one of them, even when they come bearing gifts.



bio 2

A successful career girl, with still unfulfilled aspirations for myself. Not in the way that I wish id done things differently, but just I’m still learning and moving forward all the time and with that my goals change

I was born and partly raised in Leeds, West Yorkshire and then also Cornwall. But I’m a Gemini and so being an air sign, its hard to tie me down. So I have moved more times than most of my friends put together. In total 16 times since birth (that I remember). Most of my time out side of Yorkshire or Cornwall, has been spent in the Midlands, in various locations. As a result my accent isn’t very prominent, kind of blended.

In September 2022 I decided to embark on a journey that had been a daydream for some time, but that I never thought I’d try and make a reality. I have been weight training on and off for years and consistently since covid started, so March 2020 and I was getting for want of a better word “bored” in the gym and not really having a goal or target to aim for. So, I set myself the biggest challenge of my life to compete as a female bodybuilder in the “Bikini” class!

This Blog is my journey, I hope you enjoy it.


Claire Sharp

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