Never be ordinary….

I have never followed the crowd or done what most would consider following social norms, this wasn’t meant to be my life

I started to focus on my fitness during the first covid lockdown in March 2020. It was eighteen months from then that I first decided to take on the challenge of a lifetime.

It all started with an inopportune meeting in Sainsburys, with an old college friend who I had not seen since we left.

She was someone I had always wondered, what happened to Claire, where is she now? And there she stood, opposite me in the veg aisle, staring at me with squinted eyes pondering the same question as I was. Is that Claire, can it be?

She spoke first, “Claire, is that you?” “Yes” I replied… also saying “Claire?” I think both of us where shocked to see the other one after what was twenty years passed time.

We arranged to meet and try to catch up on the last twenty years of our lives

Chance meeting, to personal trainer.

So I met with Claire on a warm day for a dog walk as it was still covid times and we were keeping to lockdown rules. We walked and talked, catching up on some of the highlights of our lives since we last saw each other.

I found out Claire was about to qualify as a personal trainer and I was currently using someone online but I was not gelling with this person and saw an opportunity here to get myself a new coach.